Elite: Dangerous dev video shows multiplayer roles, churning convoy ambush

Elite: Dangerous Hydroponic Stamford

Frontier's November reveal of Elite: Dangerous' multiplayer gameplay wasn't terribly inspiring with a rather circular chase in an asteroid field. But in a new developer diary video released yesterday, Lead Designer David Braben explained how players can assume various roles during multiplayer lightfights and demonstrated via a sample convoy ambush shown from the spinning first-person viewpoint of a fighter pilot. This is more like space combat—now I need a space barf bag.

Braben envisions a galaxy where players skill up in their role of choice to serve them well in fights such as roving pirate swarms, keen-eyed escorts, bounty hunters, and wealthy traders. His ultimate goal, however, is to "ensure that not one role is a massive generator of cash. What I don't want in a game like this is being forced to forever mine asteroids or whatever it is. You encourage enjoyment by making sure no one role stands out and to try and balance it that way." Wait, doesn't everyone need a space cook?

Elite: Dangerous' Kickstarter progress is inching close to the £725,000/$1.2 million mark out of a £1.25 million/$2 million goal with 22 days left in its campaign. New ship model concept art was added to entice further funds from potential backers.

Omri Petitte

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