Elite: Dangerous coming to SteamVR and HTC Vive later this year

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous has been a good thing to cram into your Oculus Rift for a while now, but David Braben and co's space trucking game is going to be touching down on another VR headset fairly soon. Which is to say, it's coming to Valve's SteamVR software, along with the thing you'll likely be using it with, HTC Vive.

Frontier PR Michael Gapper revealed as much on Twitter, stating that he was "happy to announce Elite Dangerous is coming to SteamVR and HTC Vive with a free update later this year". Vive, you'll remember, is the one that maps the room around you, something Frontier will hopefully make use of in Elite. (I can't imagine how they'll do that, but it would be fun to see my sofa appear in the game as an asteroid.)

David Braben likes him some virtual reality, but he doesn't think parents are going to be too keen.

Tom Sykes

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