Elgato unveils desk-mounted studio lights for streamers

At CES today, Elgato unveiled a new product aimed at helping streamers build high-quality video studios in their homes: the Elgato Key Light, a desk-mounted light that provides the kind of adjustable illumination needed for great looking video. 

The light is software controlled, with adjustable brightness up to 2,500 lumens (for reference, 100 watt-replacement LED bulbs are about 1400-1500 lumens) and a color temperature range of 2500K to 7000K. It's powered via a traditional wall outlet,  clamps to your desk (Elgato says you can stick it on the back of your desk and still push the desk all the way against a wall) and is easily adjustable to get your lighting setup just right. It's also compatible out of the box with Elgato's stream deck, convenient for streamers who've already integrated that controller into their setup.

Elgato says the light will output less heat than soft boxes, the type of lights traditionally used in video studios. The trade-off for the Key Light's great size and easy compatibility is price. Soft boxes can cost less than $50. The Key Light launches next week for $199. 

Bo Moore

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