Elder Scrolls Online vampire guild to give players a free ticket to the dark side

Inside the social economy of The Elder Scrolls Online , almost everything is up for sale—even vampirism. But House Annunaki , an Ebonheart Pact vampire guild in TESO, wants to turn that economy on its head by offering the precious vampire bites for free beginning May 1, according to the most recent issue of developer Zenimax Online's Tamriel Chronicle.

If you can make your way to the Riften city docks next week on the North American Megaserver, the vampires of House Annunaki will infect your player at every sunrise through May 7, when the event ends. Without an official auction house , much of the recently released MMO's developing social atmosphere revolves around the bartering of items using TESO's in-game gold. And since the shiny stuff is so slow to accumulate, the vampire guild seems to be making a statement about its particular vision for the game's roleplaying experience. House Annunaki clearly wants to undermine the budding market in vampire bites.

"We have all joined together to stop the selling of bites in ESO!" reports the vampire guild on its website. "This underground economy needs to be stopped! Join us in the fight to stop bite selling and scamming!"

In addition to getting official recognition for its event in the Tamriel Chronicle, the guild has set up a Twitter for all things vampire-bite related which you can find here . For more on TESO, be sure to check out our review .