Elden Ring's legendary boss slayer wants you to solo her for today only

Let Me Solo Her
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Let Me Solo Her, the jar-wearing man that became famous for taking on the hardest boss in Elden Ring for thousands of Tarnished, will host a stream today where it'll be his turn to sit back and let someone else beat the boss for him.

The stream will take place on his YouTube channel at 4pm CST (3pm PT/6pm ET) where he'll summon in players who are using the "LMSH" group password. Unlike his usual role as the solo warrior, Let Me Solo Her will stay out of the fight until the boss is defeated. The plan is to work through the game's major bosses and reach Malenia. If everything goes well with the notorious Rot Goddess, he wants to finish the game out with the last boss afterward.

"I got the idea when I saw someone doing it on Twitch a few days ago, and thought it would be a nice event for everyone," Let Me Solo Her told me. "It would also fit within my 'character' to take a break once in a while."

Let Me Solo Her is Elden Ring's first and—for right now—only legendary folk hero. The dual-wielding brawler quickly made a name for himself by offering his services to players who were struggling with one of the hardest bosses in all of FromSoftware's games. His prowess in battle and iconic look spawned tons of fan art and memes across social media. FromSoftware even sent him an actual sword to show its appreciation for his impact on the Elden Ring community earlier this month.

Right before reaching his 1,000th kill of Malenia, Let Me Solo Her streamed his near-flawless kills of the boss leading up to it on YouTube, drawing in thousands of viewers cheering him on. When he got to the final fight, the duel played out like an anime and for one, nail-biting moment, almost went wrong. You can go back and watch the archive to see how it ended. 

Now, 2,000 Malenias later, the king is getting a little tired of the throne, but hopes that today's stream will introduce something new to do for both him and his legion of fans.

"I definitely feel burned out or bored sometimes, and I play some other games to combat it," he said. "I am anxiously waiting for a DLC if there will be one, but I will probably be on from time to time to fight Malenia."

Let Me Solo Her is so popular now that people just want to summon him into their games to witness him in battle. He said he's fine with it, but "would rather help random people who have been struggling with Malenia," first and foremost. A true hero, indeed.

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