Elden Ring's colosseums are finally opening in a free PvP update coming tomorrow

Elden Ring, the mega-hit action-RPG that is easily my game of the year, is going heavy on PvP with a free Colosseum Update that's set to roll out tomorrow, December 7.

If the name of the update rings a bell, it could be because dataminers uncovered a colosseum in Elden Ring way back in March. The leading theory at the time was that it was intended as a battle space for upcoming PvP-focused DLC, and now, here we are.

The trailer says players will "battle for glory in new PvP modes," in not just one but three colosseums, in Limgrave, Leyndell, and the crimson paradise of Caelid. Supported PvP modes will include duels, free-for-all brawls, and team fights. Full details haven't been released yet, but the trailer shows 3v3 battles, and also indicates that spirit ashes can be summoned.

We'll presumably have to wait until the update—technically, the 1.08 update—goes live to get the full details on what's coming, but we'll let you know when we know. And this likely won't be the end of it: More recent discoveries by other dataminers pretty strongly suggest that more (and hopefully more substantial) DLC is on the way.

Andy Chalk

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