Every new hairstyle in the Elden Ring Colosseum update

Elden Ring new hairstyles - character raising fist with new hairstyle
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Elden Ring's new hairstyles are just one more thing that the new colosseum update adds to the game. Before players used to gather outside Raya Lucaria Academy to duel, or pretty much anywhere else where they could find a fight, but the colosseums now offer a dedicated place where you can go if you're looking for a tussle. 

It's a little like the arena that FromSoftware added in Dark Souls 3, except with far more functionality. Depending on which colosseum you head to, you can fight in different matches, from one-on-one to multiplayer bouts. But even more important than all that: there are new hairstyles to try out. Here are all of the new hair options you can select in character creation, as well as how to alter your hair if you've already started the game, in case you didn't know.

Elden Ring new hairstyles for the Colosseum update

There are five new hairstyles in the Elden Ring colosseum update, ranging from twintails to double braids to some kind of mullet thing. You can select them in character creation, or swap them out in the main game via the methods that I explain below.

How to change your hair in Elden Ring 

To change your hair in the Elden Ring you first need to access the Roundtable Hold. After you've progressed to either fight Margit or have entered Caelid, Melina will appear at a site of grace and invite you to come to the hold with her. Once there, head towards the right side of the hold with the blacksmith and into the room where Fia is sitting on the bed. You can use the mirror against the wall to change your hairstyle. After you've defeated Renala in Raya Lucaria, she will also let you alter your appearance if you speak to her. 

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