Where to find Elden Ring's Moonveil katana

Elden Ring - a player holds the Moonveil katana blade
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The magical Moonveil katana is a must-have Elden Ring weapon for aspiring magical sword-wielders. Even though it's been nerfed since the game first released, it's still extremely strong, and is one of the go-to weapons for speedrunners looking to blend bosses quickly. The reason Mooveil is so good is due to its Transient Moonlight skill that fires a wave of magical energy that deals a big chunk of damage.

The only disadvantage with the Moonveil is that it's not exactly what you'd call a starter weapon in terms of stats. First off, you have to beat the Magma Wyrm boss, and if you manage that, you'll still need a decent amount of dex and intelligence in order to wield it. Still, once you start using you'll quickly find that you're melting bosses from a safe distance.

You can grab the Moonveil katana relatively early on in Elden Ring. As mentioned, you'll have to beat a slightly nasty boss to earn it though, so don't go hunting it down at too low a level. Here's where you can find this magical blade and what stats you'll need to wield it.

Elden Ring Moonveil location: Gael Tunnel 

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To find the Moonveil katana, you'll need to head into Caelid, the dead and reddish zone to the east of the Limgrave starting area. You're looking for Gael Tunnel, which is a small cave with a hole inside. Head south and down the cliff face from the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace to find this mineshaft. The Gael Tunnel Site of Grace is waiting for you at the bottom. Just beware that once you're inside, you'll need to get to the tunnel exit before you can fast travel out. 

Luckily, you can run right past most of the enemies in the tunnel, pick up the Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance site, and walk out without having to fight the boss just yet. Keep making your way west and open the door west of the boss's fog wall to escape. You'll definitely want to pick up the rear entrance Site of Grace while you’re here too.

The boss you'll need to fight is the Magma Wyrm, which isn't terribly difficult but can be a bit of a pain. This thing is large, covers the ground in lava, and as a kicker, it's hanging out in a pretty tight room that doesn't give you much space to maneuver. Load up on your fire resistance consumables and stick close to its feet if possible.

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Elden Ring Moonveil katana stats 

After you manage to take down the Magma Wyrm, congrats! The Moonveil katana is yours. Here are the requirements for your new sword:

  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 23

It primarily scales damage based on intelligence with a C ranking and scales on dexterity with a D rank. The weapon skill Transient Moonlight is particularly flashy too. Your character will sheathe the Moonveil and then pull it back out with a magical slash using either your light or heavy attack button. Even if you aren't locked onto an enemy, you can aim either the horizontal or vertical strikes using your camera.

If you're trying to work the Moonveil into your character's equipment, check out our Elden Ring builds guide for a battlemage Prisoner build that uses it. 


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