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EKWB is taking preorders on a new monoblock for Asus X299 motherboards

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EKWB and Asus are not strangers to one another. The two companies have collaborated on multiple occasions before and have once again teamed up on an RGB monoblock that is compatible with several X299 motherboards.

Specifically, the new monoblock can be installed on the Asus Prime X299-A, Prime X299-Deluxe, and TUF X299 Mark 2. It can also be applied to the TUF X299 Mark 1, but only if the thermal armor is either removed or modified.

This is an all-in-one liquid cooling solution, meaning it offers cooling for both the CPU and parts of the motherboard, including the MOSFET.

"Liquid flows directly over all critical areas, providing the enthusiasts with a great solution for high and stable overclocks," EKWB says.

The monoblock is based on EKWB's EK-Supremacy Evo. It features a high-flow design that EKWB claims is suitable for use with silent and otherwise weaker water pumps. It also has a redesigned cold plate that is supposed to make better contact with the integrated heatspreader (IHS) of compatible processors, including Intel's new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

EKWB went with nickel-plated electrolytic copper for the base and an acrylic glass material for the top. Nickel plated brass standoffs are pre-installed to make installation easier.

There is also a 4-pin RGB LED strip that connects to the motherboard's 4-pin LED header, assuming it's supported. Otherwise, it can connect to any other 4-pin LED controller.

The monoblock is available to preorder for $167 (opens in new tab). It will start shipping on September 18.

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