Early access game The Last Leviathan is about to be delisted

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GOG.com has announced that The Last Leviathan, a fantasy ship-builder frequently summed up as 'Besiege but with boats', is about to be removed from sale. "We'd like to inform you that, due to publisher's request, The Last Leviathan will be delisted from our catalog on Thursday, November 24th, 4 PM UTC", GOG says. "For everyone who purchased this title prior to delisting, it will remain in their GOG library."

The Last Leviathan was released in 2016, and our early access expert Chris Livingston played it at the time. Though he mentioned that it felt rougher than Besiege's first release, he did enjoy building a boat and then sinking repeatedly. "The cannon physics are great, the battles are exciting and entertaining, and bobbing around in the water while trying to line up broadsides is a challenge," he wrote, "especially if your ship is a poorly-designed wobbly piece of garbage like mine is."

Developers Super Punk Games updated The Last Leviathan over the subsequent years, with additions like flying blocks to let players make sky-ships, though the last update was three years ago in November of 2019. Their website is currently offline.

It's a shame to see an early access game fail to make it over the finish line, providing fodder for the cynics who see early access as a scam and ignore the successes it's made possible over the years. The Last Leviathan was released on Steam as well as GOG, and will presumably be delisted there as well. 

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