EA details Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin expansion

Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin expansion is edging ever closer (particularly for those of you who hold the season pass), and today EA finally stopped teasing and doled out the details. The expansion will include five new multiplayer maps set on Cloud City (because where else are you going to put them on Bespin, right?), featuring “iconic locations from the movie” like the Administrator's Palace and the Carbon Freezing Chambers, as well as less-famous places like the Bioniip Laboratories, which the Wookiepedia tells us appeared in the Crisis on Cloud City book for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.   

Lando and Dengar will join the fight, as we already knew (if you're not familiar with Dengar, he's basically a Zaeed Massani prototype who never caught on), and the famous, gawky-looking Cloud Car will be added to the vehicle mix. The new EE-4 blaster lacks accuracy but has a high rate of fire, making it effective in closer quarters—kind of like an intergalactic MAC-10—while the X8 Night Sniper is a blaster “with decent damage, cooling power, and range,” that has the benefit of a heat vision scope that will reveal humanoid enemies even in adverse conditions. 

There's also a trio of new Star Cards to be had: Scout Binoculars that will reveal enemy units to the entire team; Shock Grenade, a grenade that does not kill, but shocks; and Disruption, a “localized disruption wave that knocks out enemy blasters, turrets, and droids.” And of course, there is a fresh trailer, so you can see all this good stuff in action. 

The Bespin expansion goes live on June 21 for Star Wars Battlefront season pass holders, and two weeks later for everyone else.

Andy Chalk

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