EA denies Ultima Online discussions with Richard Garriott


Richard Garriott's ambitious plans for Ultima Online 2 appear to have hit a bit of a snag. Like a bad horror movie plot twist, it turns out that his "very high level" discussions with EA don't exist . And, I don't know, his roommate's actually been dead for 20 years or something. At any rate, EA's giving the whole thing a big shoulder shrug.

"I'm not sure what Richard Garriott is referring to. But no one at EA is discussing partnership or licensing opportunities related to the Ultima Online franchise," EA head of corporate communications Jeff Brown told IndustryGamers .

So yes, those stories are rather, er, at odds with one another. Somewhere along the line, wires clearly got crossed. As such, I've contacted both sides in hopes of straightening things out. More soon, hopefully - unless, of course, I'm actually a ghost .