EA announces new games from A Way Out and Fe developers

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EA has announced three new games from its indie-focused EA Originals label, including one from A Way Out (opens in new tab) developer Hazelight Studios and another from Fe (opens in new tab) developer Zoink.

Zoink's game is called Lost in Random, and it's a "blend of strategy and action" set in a "dark and vivid" fantasy world that "explores the notion of chance and possibility". You can see some art for it above (thanks, IGN (opens in new tab)).

Hazelight Studios' game wasn't fully revealed, and we don't yet know its name, but it will be another co-op game that gives "players a fresh new take on the challenges of working together". Hopefully it'll improve on A Way Out, which had some good ideas but felt messy and uneven, according to Chris's review (opens in new tab).

The third and final game is called RustHeart. It's an action-RPG from Glowmade, a studio founded by former Lionhead staff. You play a young boy with a giant robot sidekick, and you'll fight your way through a "vibrant, alien multiverse".

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The games were all announced at an EA event last night. 

Thanks, IGN (opens in new tab).

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