EA Access page is now live on Steam, service is 'coming soon'

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Last October, Electronic Arts said that it was bringing its games back to Steam—and not only that, it announced a plan to bring the subscription-based EA Access service to the storefront as well. At the time it was expected to arrive in spring 2020, although that plan was eventually pushed back, and while it's still not live, the Steam page is.

EA Access is basically the same as Origin Access—EA just doesn't use the Origin name outside of its Origin launcher. Subscribers get unlimited access to a large selection of EA games, ten hours of pre-launch playtime on "select new-release games," ten percent off all EA purchases on Steam, and "exclusive challenges and rewards [and] member-only content."

There's no mention of pricing on Steam at this point, but Origin Access goes for $5 per month or $30 per year, and EA Access on Steam will probably be the same. It doesn't look like EA Access will offer a "Premier" tier comparable to Origin Access Premier, which is significantly more expensive at $20 per month or $130 per year, but provides unlimited early access to a wider selection of games, including new releases.

I've reached out to EA to ask when the service will actually go live, and will update if someone tells me. 

Andy Chalk

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