Dynasty Warriors 9 teases combat, horses, scroll system in new in-game footage

Billed by its producer Akihiro Suzuki as an open-world "rebirth" of the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming to PC next month. Now, publisher Koei Tecmo has dropped a new gameplay trailer, five new character trailers and a load of new information on its horses and scrolls. 

From back to front, scrolls are used to craft weapons and items, and are comprised of several collectible parts. Obtained by completing missions or from fallen enemies, new weapons, items and higher ranked weaponry can be crafted by ascertaining each scroll's listed materials. 

On the steed front, players kick things off with lower-skilled horses that can be trained by way of riding long distances and by attacking enemies on horseback. "Benefit by taking the time to nurture a horse that suits you," so reads the Dynasty Warriors 9 website, however horses with higher abilities can be purchased from stables scattered throughout the map. 

Some of the above is showcased here:

Koei Tecmo also shares the following character spotlights for Xu Chu, Yu Jin, Lu Xun, Huang Zhong, Guan Ping, and Zhong Hui. 

In that order, observe:

Dynasty Warriors 9 is due February 13, 2018.