Dynasty Warriors 9 offers first glimpse of open-world brawls

First teased at Jump Festa 2017 in Japan, Dynasty Warriors 9 aims to shake up the enduring weapon-based fight 'em up by introducing an open world setting—something producer Akihiro Suzuki has labelled a "rebirth" of the series.

Now, the ninth main series instalment offers a peek at its typically chaotic, backs-to-the-wall brawling against some lovely-looking forested landscapes, pagoda-lined hills and sparse desert planes. But it's not like you'll notice any of that while you're smacking seven shades of shit out of hordes of faceless foes while outnumbered 50:1. 

It wouldn't be Dynasty Warriors otherwise, eh?

As it stands, information is light however we do know number 9 will feature Zhou Cang as a playable character and that the new open world will house the entirety of the Chinese continent within one far-reaching map.  

We also know that all 83 playable characters from Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will feature here, but we should also expect some new faces. Platforms are as yet unconfirmed, however every entry since Dynasty Warriors 4: Hyper, now over 11 years old, has found its way onto PC.