Dying Light launches last of 10 free content drops

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In July last year, Dying Light developer Techland promised players ten portions of free DLC in the space of a year. The parkour meets zombie slasher has since enjoyed new weapons, bounties, accessories and a Prison Heist mode among other complimentary add-ons. The 10 in 12 initiative (opens in new tab)'s tenth and final drop is now live. 

Here are some moving pictures: 

As outlined there, Content Drop #10, named 'Badlands Rider', brings with it the Desert Fury buggy, the Empress machete, the Heatwave crossbow, the Sandstorm shotgun, and the eponymous Badlands Rider survivor. That's the dude sporting the mohawk, the facepaint and the badass mohawk above. 

With all of that at his disposal, he appears to make light work of a beachside zombie horde, lopping off undead limbs at will. Full details of Dying Light's previous 10 in 12 instalments can be found here (opens in new tab)

As you may already know, Techland is working on Dying Light: Bad Blood—a battle royale for people who hate waiting (opens in new tab), reckons Joseph Knoop.