Dying Light DLC detailed

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I've not had chance to settle in with Dying Light yet, but it does look pretty good—at least according to Chris L's review. And this gif. And this gif. For those more experienced zombie tormentors, Techland has announced the contents of the game's DLC Season Pass.

First up is Cuisine & Cargo, which released yesterday. Only available to Season Pass holders, it adds two "hardcore" buildings—each with a mission attached. So, er, I guess that's two buildings with lots of zombies in?

Next, in March, will be the Ultimate Survival Bundle. That brings three "special" outfits and four "over-the-top" weapons.

Finally, in May, it's the 'The Bozak Horde'. It adds a new map—Harran Stadium—and is basically a horde mode against increasingly bitey waves of unending zombies.

To be honest, it's not the most inspired selection of content. Individual bits might be pretty good, but two missions, an item pack and a horde mode? That doesn't seem like much for the $20/£16 asking price.

That's Season Passes, though. It's a big risk to take for DLC; the one part of an otherwise good game that's mostly likely to be somewhat naff. Sometimes it works out, but why take the chance before the add-ons have been released?

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