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Dying Light 2 True Friends
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The Dying Light 2 True Friends side mission throws two decisions your way. As with the Aitor or Sophie choice and the Water Tower that comes immediately after, it's impossible to know the nature of the ramifications from each choice.

The True Friends side quest only becomes available once you've completed the main story mission, The Only Way Out. Your job is to find Nerys' two missing kids, but it's not as straightforward as it might seem. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but tread carefully from this point on. Here are the choices you should make during the Dying Light 2 True Friends side mission, along with the consequences of each decision. 

How to find Moe 

Once you start the mission, you'll find Dominik near the pumpkin patch at the Bazaar. He'll talk about a stray dog named Buddy and eventually tell you where you might discover Nerys' missing kids.

Head to the area, and Scott will tell you that Moe is trapped inside. When you climb up to him, you'll have several dialogue options to choose from to find out what happened. 

  • Whatever happened, I won't judge you.
  • You're lying.

It doesn't matter which one you pick: the outcome will be the same. 

Dying Light 2 True Friends: Buddy the dog choice 

You discover that Buddy the dog has been seriously hurt protecting the children. You're given the following options:

  • Leave the dog be.
  • Put the dog out of its misery.

Unfortunately, the outcome is the same, whichever option you pick here. Neither will save Buddy, so you can choose whatever feels right for you. 

The final choice in the Dying Light 2 True Friends mission 

The final True Friends choice is right at the end of the mission. You're offered three dialogue options that seem like they could have very different consequences for Scott and Moe. 

Buddy died saving Scott and Moe is perhaps the answer with the most minor consequences. None of the kids gets into trouble, and Nerys is glad to have her children back.

Scott and Moe lied to you is the most disruptive answer. You'll truthfully tell Dominik what happened to Buddy and everyone is upset.

Scott and Moe will tell you everything is likely to be the best answer out of the bunch. Scott and Moe take responsibility for their actions by owning up to them. There's still upset but ultimately, Nerys is happy with the kids' honesty.

Whichever you choose won't affect quest rewards or anything else of significance, so it's basically up to you and how you want the final scenes of the mission to play out.

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