Dying Light 2 is coming on December 7

After three years of waiting, a stretch that included delays, reports of chaos, and reassurances that it was not trapped in development hell, Dying Light 2 now has a release date. Techland revealed during today's livestream that Dying Light 2 Stay Human, as it is officially known, will be out on December 7, and preorders are live now.

Set 20 years after the events of Dying Light, Dying Light 2 Stay Human sets players off a romp through the City, humanity's last stronghold, which they'll explore using advanced parkour mechanics and, when necessary, "tactical" combat. As in the first game, gameplay will change with the dynamic day-night cycles, which will see more, and more powerful, zombies emerge when the sun goes down. But nighttime also offers opportunities for high-value looting that just aren't there during the day: More risk, more reward. 

The new game will be bigger than the original Dying Light, with expanded parkour abilities, a much larger map, and narrative choices that will have an impact on the game world. In a 2018 preview, for instance, players searching for a missing NPC could opt to support one of two different factions, which would impact the game world and available resources. 

And, no surprise here, zombies aren't the only thing to worry about: "Plunder abandoned lairs of infected at night and discover the dark secrets of those in power by day," Techland said. "Players must choose which side they want to take and write their own story."

Take a look at some screens:

Dying Light 2 will be available in three editions—standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate—and there's a swanky collector's edition as well, complete with a UV-illuminated statuette. Preordering any of them will also get you the Reload Pack, a collection of bonus items including a unique outfit, weapon, and paraglider skin. Full details are up at dyinglightgame.com, and if you missed the livestream reveal you can catch the whole thing below.

Andy Chalk

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