Dying Light 2 has a hidden Star Wars blueprint that lets you Force Choke fools

Dying Light 2 Force Choke power being used to strangle bandits
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Techland didn't just fill the open world of Dying Light 2 with zombies, bandits, and parkour puzzles. There's also a ton of hidden blueprints, secret areas, and easter eggs crammed into the world, and players have been busy unearthing them since the game launched a week ago.

And in some cases Techland has hidden secrets inside other secrets. For instance, the silly but satisfying Left Finger of gloVa, a weapon that lets you blast zombies and bandits simply by pointing at them, was cleverly hidden inside a developer room that itself was hidden inside a skyscraper only accessible through a complicated parkour puzzle.

And there's another nesting doll of secrets in the game. In our Dying Light 2 easter eggs roundup, there's a recreation of a level from Doom (complete with a shotgun) hidden in the basement of the VNC skyscraper, which can be revealed by finding five evil rubber duckies scattered around Villedor. Inside that secret Doom level is another secret, only it's a Star Wars secret: a crafting blueprint that gives Aiden the ability to Force Choke his enemies.

Here I thought you need to do a bunch of flips in a swamp to learn how to use the Force, but it looks like Aiden found a shortcut. He's a real parkour Padawan.

Want to know how to get your hands on the Force Choke power yourself? Well, the duckie-collecting and Doom level activation is a lengthy process, but below there's an excellent video walkthrough from AshesWolf on YouTube.

What you're looking for while blasting your way through the Doom level is a secret passage hidden behind a wall (you can see it at around 8:30 in the video) which is perfectly appropriate for Doom. The corridor leads to a room with a square green pool, and in the middle is a blueprint called Dying Force.

Crafting the Dying Force is expensive: 369 scrap. But once you've got it equipped, Aiden can go all Sith on his enemies (or even any friendly Survivors or Peacekeepers he meets on random rooftops). The Force Choke effect doesn't last all that long—Aiden is clearly no Darth Vader—but the few seconds of throttling a dude while he dangles in the air is plenty of time to get in a couple free swings with your favorite electrified axe. As with the Left Finger of gloVa, you'll get 16 uses from the Dying Force before it breaks, and then you'll have to craft another. May the Force be with you, Aiden.

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