Dungeon of the Endless leaving early access later this month

Dungeon of the Endless 2

Another game is about to burst forth, all slimy and wriggling, from the womb of early access. Too graphic an analogy? Sorry. Another game is about to, er, be released, all digital and like a functional software product, from the pre-release designation of early access. Dungeon of the Endless is the game, and its release date has been set for 27 October.

"DotE was launched on Steam Early Access on December 11th, 2013," writes Amplitude Studios in an update, "and has been greatly improved thanks to your feedback, suggestions, design discussions, bug reports, but also forum contests, brainstorms, surveys, GAMES2GETHER votes and so on. With your awesome participation, we were able to create unique content for the game such as heroes, spaceships, modules, events or Steam achievements. Thank you all for participating in this Early Access."

This is the next part of Amplitude's unusual semi-crossover series; the last part being the recently released Endless Legend. Dungeon of the Endless is a prequel of sorts—not that the connection has much impact on the game's genre blending mix of roguelike and tower defence.

To mark the occassion, the developers have released this video—half of which is a pretty looking pixel short; the other half a scrolling list of names.

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