Dungeon of the Endless explains its genre mashup in new trailer

As a roguelike, Dungeon of the Endless gives players more than one way to die. But it's also a mix of squad-based exploration, tower defense, and RPG-style upgrades, so there's also more than one way to stay alive, too. The game's newest trailer shows how these different genres work together to make the game cohesive.

As we saw in a first-look back in October, Amplitude Studios DotE has players dealing with the aftermath of a spaceship crashing into the remnants of an ancient civilization. How they deal with this event—and the random way it may play out—is up to them.

If you're interested in buying into the ongoing alpha early access, it's worth taking note of the current game state, according to Amplitude's Steam description: "In this Alpha version, many features are not available yet: the complete list of levels (you only get the first 3 levels out of 12) and their different environments including the final ending sequence, the complete list of monsters, the complete list of heroes including their abilities and objectives, Endless ruins and technologies and the use of science, a potential multiplayer co-op mode, online persistency and unlockables, as well as the final balancing of the game."

What that in mind, the Endless Space developer also has a handy and informative road map devoted to the game's progress here .