Duncan Jones tapped to direct Warcraft movie

World of Warcraft

Bringing the sparkly Night Elves and drunken pandas of Blizzard's Warcraft universe to the silver screen has been a goal for both the developer and film studio partner Legendary Pictures since 2006, but finding a worthy director turned troublesome throughout the project's formation. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that English filmmaker Duncan Jones has signed on to direct the live-action adaptation for a planned 2015 release.

Jones previously directed the sci-fi thriller Source Code and low-budget space drama Moon . He's also the only son of musician David Bowie, a factoid which sort of cosmically fits with choosing the proper individual to make a movie based on a franchise where dancing is practically its own language. A tweet from Jones corroborated the news this evening, along with another one from Blizzard CCO Rob Pardo.

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Not much else is known about Warcraft's secretive script or cast nor how many films are planned. Back in 2007 , Blizzard Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen hinted the movie's setting takes place one year before the events of World of Warcraft and will likely feature appearances by heroes Cairne Bloodhoof, Thrall, and Bolvar Fordragon.

Fellow Azerothians: What do you think of Blizzard's choice for director?

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