Rumour: Leaked Blizzard schedule shows plans for World of Warcraft movie and Diablo 3 expansions

Banhammer smash!

A leaked document appears to show Blizzard's release plans for the next four years. The diagram includes a few surprises, including an entry known as Starcraft 2 Phoenix to be released alongside the first expansion. Diablo 3 slated for the end of 2011, with two expansions planned thereafter. There's even an entry for the World of Warcraft movie. You'll find the document below.

Here is the document, leaked to MMO Game Site .

If it's legitimate there are some things to be seriously curious about. There's a mention of Battlenet third parties, It also slates World of Warcraft's fourth expansion for release in 2012 and pegs the World of Warcraft Movie for a late 2012 release.

Then there's the mysterious game 'Titan' at the bottom of the diagram, scheduled for arrival in the latter stages of 2013. Hrrm?

[via Gameinformer ]

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