Driver Fusion's on Steam, and ready to scrub your PC clean of old driver bits

If there's one downside to being a PC gamer, it's probably making sure that all our pieces of hardware behave appropriately with one another, as well as keeping their associated drivers updated and making sure they don't interfere with anything. Man, the drama . Improperly updated drivers can leave remnants of old drivers strewn about your system, hindering your system's all-too-precious performance. That's why Driver Fusion, the newest addition to Steam's software selection, is looking pretty sweet.

Driver Fusion works for all sorts of drivers—sound, graphics, printer, input peripherals, you name it. The obvious upside to using a tool like this is that it'll go out of its way to also track down unused, conflicting, or otherwise unwanted remains of older drivers, ensuring they're not able to interfere with your shiny, newly installed things—but there are some handy features as well, such as backups, system reporting and monitoring, and an advanced Windows Device Manager.

It landed on Steam today, thanks to its voting-in by gamers on Greenlight, and it comes in two versions—a limited free version, as well as a paid premium version with additional features. The full list of features for each version can be found on the Steam page . I think this is the first time I've seen Steam achievements on a utility program, and I'm actually impressed by the number of gamers playing with a dual-monitor set-up. Well done!

Until May 13, the premium version of Driver Fusion is 30% off, bringing it down to $28—though honestly, the free version should be more than enough for any PC gamer to get by.