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Dreamfall Chapters trailer suggests cityscapes, decisions and nap time in Book One

Dreamfall Chapters' first episode is out soon—this Autumn, in fact—giving those of us who have yet to play either The Longest Journey or Dreamfall something of a deadline if we want to dive in at the game's release. To whet our appetites, Red Thread Games have released a new trailer ostensibly announcing Chapters' season pass. Yep, season passes can be annoying, but they make sense in an episodic game like Chapters, and on a platform like that doesn't appear to support traditional episodic releases. I wouldn't say there's much in the way of spoilers to worry about here, the trailer focusing on environmental scenes and shots of heroine Zoe fast asleep in bed, but it is a rather gorgeous video that makes me all the more excited to play the first part.

Now this is a bit irritating for pedants such as myself, but as previously mentioned, Dreamfall Chapters will be split into five 'books', despite the word 'chapters' being in the title. The first book's entitled Reborn, and it's coming this Autumn/Fall.