Dragonica: Phoenix patch updates graphics, adds more dastardly dungeons

Cheerful free to play MMO Dragonica has just received a big facelift courtesy of the Phoenix Update. The latest patch has sharpened up Draconica's visuals and dungeons have been beefed up with extra difficulty modes and harder bosses for returning players. An extended combo system spices up combat, reduced potion prices will please shoppers and, to celebrate, a "party buff event" is now available that rewards groups for co-operation with increased gold find, XP gain and attack speed, because everything's a little bit more frenzied with friends around.

You can check out the full feature list on the Phoenix update page on the official Dragonica site , and take a close look at those updated graphics in the trailer and screenshots below. It's free to play, so you can download the client and jump in for nothing on the Dragonica site .

There's more to look forward to soon for Dragonica players, "additional in-game events, with some very exciting new features, are also set to be made available with a further update due out in a few weeks" say Gala.

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