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Dragon Quest X coming to PC this September

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Square Enix's Dragon Quest series (it's the one that isn't Final Fantasy) has never been on PC, so the announcement that DQX: Rise of the Five Tribes Online is heading to desktops/laptops on September 26th is a Fairly Big Deal. As with Final Fantasy 14, DQ10 (let's dispense with the roman numerals) is an MMORPG, and it's one that's already been released for the Wii and the Wii U, albeit only in Japan. Hopefully this Japanese PC launch will coincide with Square Enix finally confirming their plans for a Western version of the game, presuming it's still on the cards. You can sign up for the beta (opens in new tab) now, if you can read Japanese (or at least Google's mangled auto-translation).

If you've long tired of the cringeworthy fashion show that is modern Final Fantasy, you might want to give Dragon Quest a try. It's a defiantly old-fashioned RPG series, full of heart and charm, and usually accompanied by an exceptionally puntastic translation. There's no DQ10 PC footage/details floating around just yet, but you can always try the benchmark tool (opens in new tab) to see if it will run on your rig.

See PC Gamer sister mag ONM (opens in new tab) ramble their way through the Wii version below. The Windows one will be sharper, at the very least.

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