Dragon Nest's latest patch introduces the ability to grow your own food—oh, and a dragon

I like to think that the story behind Dragon Nest's newest update is that the Sea Dragon, having scornfully watched the hyper-cute, anime-soaked denizens of Althea frolic about obliviously for too long, has finally decided to rise from the waters to show them what MMOs are really about. And so, with the latest patch introducing the Sea Dragon as a new boss, Dragon Nest's capacity for epicness now aligns approximately with that of a low-level WoW raid.

Level 40 players can now hitch a ride on a viking ship to Mare Oblivion, where they can face the dragon (and his delightful loot drops). In this harsh, new, dragon-conjuring world, it's also necessary for your twee characters to develop some self-sufficiency, so you can now go fishing and grow your own food. It's not entirely necessary—after all, when was the last time an MMO toon starved to death?—but preparing your own meals gives you useful buffs (and also the self-satisfaction of not having to stoop to eating at whatever Althea's equivalent of a fast food chain is).

As one of those players who actually enjoyed WoW's farming minigame, I'm always pleased to see the inclusion of crafting mechanics like these. Not all of us want to craft badass glowing swords for a living, okay? The update was applied to the free-to-play MMO today, so hop online to get cookin', or dragon-slayin'—whichever activity rocks your boat.