Dragon Age Producer Mark Darrah teases something on Twitter

Remember last month, when BioWare's Alistair McNally wandered around GDC wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the studio's new IP, and nobody noticed? It was the cruelest sort of tease, because it left open the possibility that somebody at GDC—surely somebody!—had caught him on film. Yet that appeared not to be the case, as no photographic evidence, as far as I know, has ever surfaced. 

Now BioWare is at it again, this time in the form of a tweet from Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and more precisely the brief video it contains: A red-covered book, stamped with an image of a tower and a wolf's head. “What's this?” he asks, opening it. First, a black page, blank; then the EA logo, set between a stern-looking “Internal use only—Property of BioWare/EA.”   


And then it closes. What could it be? 

Based on the color, the font, the stone tower, and the fact that Darrah is the big dog on the Dragon Age franchise, the obvious assumption is that it's something new in that fantasy-RPG series. It might have something to do with the hypothetical Dragon Age Tactics game Darrah asked about in February. Or it might not! That's why they call it a tease, you know. 

Whatever the case, Darrah is very sorry for getting people all wound up. You can tell, because earlier today he tweeted this:             

Andy Chalk

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