BioWare's new IP was "revealed" at GDC, but nobody noticed

Mass Effect Illusive Man

A funny thing happened at the recently concluded 2016 edition of GDC. BioWare, the studio that gave us Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Old Republic, and many others, revealed the new thing it's working on. And nobody noticed.

“Revealed” may be putting it a bit strongly, as no official announcements were made. But Alistair McNally, BioWare's senior director of creative development, said on Twitter that the secret was there for all to see.

The obvious irony is that those tweets were actually posted three days ago, and nobody noticed them either.

As you'd expect, the internet is now digging madly for a photo of McNally at GDC. As of this moment, it doesn't appear that anyone has struck gold, but if you'd like to take part in the hunt, or just stay on top of what's happening, the “Secret IP Twitter and Info Thread” on the BioWare forums (which actually kicked off in August of last year) is a good place to go.

Thanks, IGN.

Andy Chalk

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