Dragon Age Keep delayed as well, closed beta extended as a result

If you'd missed the news that BioWare had delayed Dragon Age: Inquisition—like I had, frownyface—you may be disappointed by the middle of this sentence. Further disappointment lies in the news that Dragon Age Keep —that's the "companion web experience" that will allow you to feed in your choices from the previous games—has been delayed as well. There's no specific new release date given, but in the FAQ BioWare state that "The Keep will be live and open to everyone about a month before the launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition. So likely some time in October".

The Keep will be a useful tool for a number of reasons. You may be playing Inquisition on a different system to the one you played the other two parts on; you may have lost your saved games; you may sneakily want to alter some of your decisions. It's unclear exactly how the Keep will work, but essentially it will let you input the details of your previous adventures, and it won't take the form of a big checklist, according to the FAQ. Interestingly, you'll be able to save up to five "world states", giving you the choice to begin Inquisition from a number of different starting points.

If you can't wait until October and you want to see what the Keep entails now, you can apply for the closed beta here , which is being extended to compensate for the launch delay.

The following video explains the Keep in more detail:

Thanks, Eurogamer .

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