Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer reveals fast-paced multiplayer action

11. Dragon Age: Origins

We learned about the cooperative multiplayer element of Dragon Age: Inquisition yesterday, a real-time brawl for up to four players acting "behind the scenes" as agents of the Inquisitor. Today, thanks to the release of a new multiplayer gameplay trailer, we can actually see it in action.

It's a brief look, to be sure, but it covers all the major points: The different kinds of characters, the importance of teamwork, customizable weapons and armor, and the variable level designs. There will also apparently be 12 multiplayer characters rather than the nine that was originally reported.

The similarities to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer are obvious, but Dragon Age: Inquisition's multi will exist completely separately from the single-player game rather than being tied into a "Galactic Readiness"-style mechanic. That's good, but I can't help wondering how that leaves it fundamentally different from over-the-shoulder Diablo .

We'll find out in about three months: Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out on November 18.

Andy Chalk

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