Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay stream shows off character creation

Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation screen

The first character creation screen I can recall spending any significant amount of time with was the one in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Building the perfect Bosmer was a novel and exciting experience, even though nobody but me ever actually laid eyes on the poor fellow. But a decade later, with Dragon Age: Inquisition almost upon us, that all looks positively quaint.

Earlier today Bioware's devs streamed some Dragon Age: Inquisition, which made clear how oceanic the character customization options are. Whereas most games let you pick the color of your eyes, here you can tweak inner and outer irises, eyebrow positioning and lash styling.

There are tons of makeup options, too. Eyeliner, blush, lip color and more can be whatever shade and intensity your heart desires. Alternatively, carve some scars into your face or go for a butch broken nose. Perhaps a double chin, to let the world know that you're a person of means. You can—and I am not making this up—customize your character's Adam's apple. Of course there will be race-specific options as well, including asymmetrical horn breakage for the Qunari aficionados.

There's more than just character creation options on display in the video, including how to use Dragon Age Keep to import a custom world state, and it eventually gets to some combat-heavy gameplay along the Deep Roads before concluding with a brief Q&A. And even though the stream actually ended earlier, you can still catch what you missed on BioWare's Twitch channel.

The action doesn't actually begin until around the 4:30 mark, so be patient or fast-forward. Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out on November 18.

Andy Chalk

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