Dragon Age: Absolution announces December 9 premiere and a very stacked voice cast

Dragon Age: Absolution, Netflix's next animated adaptation of a game series, will premiere December 9, it has announced today alongside a new story trailer. 

"When a heist against the most powerful man in Tevinter goes south, an elven mercenary named Miriam is forced into a desperate fight for survival," Netflix says. "Now, to save herself and her friends, Miriam will have to confront the tragic past she’s spent a lifetime trying to escape."

The new story trailer gets into Miriam's background as a former slave in Tevinter before being sent on a mission (by the Inquisition, it appears) to steal a golden ouroboros-looking artifact called the Circulum Infinitus. Because wouldn't you know it, it's fueled by blood magic. So they'll just be taking that out of dark magic-loving Tevinter then, thank you very much.

When Absolution's first teaser trailer was revealed, we didn't have details on when in Thedas's timeline the show would be set. That plot summary above also doesn't specify but don't worry, there's a nice cameo in the trailer that definitively settles Absolution taking place in the same timeline as the game series, likely preceding the events of upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Cassandra and Leliana holding a meeting in a dark, stone fortress? Feels like I've been here before. It seems likely then that this is a story set during the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, in which two of the Inquisitor's advisors send off Miriam and her crew on one of those oh-so-many war table missions across the continent.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Dragon Age: Absolution will have six 30 minute episodes all premiering at once on December 9. It's produced by Red Dog Culture House, which also produced The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, led by showrunner Mairghread Scott, and directed by Ki-Yong Bae. Netflix also announced the main voice cast today with names and descriptions of their characters. Here's who's who in Absolution:

  • Kimberly Brooks as Miriam - A pragmatic elven mercenary who escaped enslavement in Tevinter, Miriam is closed-off to many who know her. But her heroic nature shines through when she’s forced to confront the nation that destroyed her life, and the man at the heart of her misery.
  • Matthew Mercer as Fairbanks - A veteran freedom fighter, Fairbanks leads our heroes with a warm-hearted sense of adventure, a pair of daggers, and a dashing smile to boot.
  • Ashly Burch as Qwydion - A bubbly Qunari mage with a penchant for explosions, Qwydion is an open-hearted, easily-distracted blabbermouth who can level a building or cure a hangover, depending on the situation.
  • Sumalee Montano as Hira - An idealistic mage, Hira hopes to rekindle her relationship with Miriam while advancing her relentless crusade against Tevinter. But a terrible secret will put both at risk.  
  • Phil LaMarr as Roland - Despite his effortless demeanor, the charming Roland possesses unmatched grit. When disaster looms and all seems lost, Roland is as sure as the blade he wields.
  • Keston John as Lacklon - A dwarven Lord of Fortune, Lacklon is a gruff fighter, a born brawler, a complete glory hound, and just enough of a coward to make sure he stays alive.
  • Josh Keaton as Rezaren - Born to privilege and plagued by tragedy, Rezaren sees himself as a good man in a wicked world. Intelligent and charismatic, Rezaren is determined to build a better future for everyone in Tevinter, no matter the cost.
  • Zehra Fazal as Tassia - Dutiful and hardworking, Tassia turns a blind eye to everything that doesn’t meet her moral standards. But even she won’t be able to ignore the sins of Tevinter (or Rezaren) forever…

Down in the trailer's description, Netflix has left another little hint that says "PS: if you’ve read this far, see you on Dragon Age Day. Or maybe sooner." Dragon Age Day is a fan holiday for the series on December 4 each year, so perhaps there will be additional details about Absolution a few days prior to the show premiere.

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