Dragon Age 4 executive producer reveals some new concept art

Dragon Age 4 concept art
(Image credit: BioWare)

The Dragon Age 4 teaser BioWare showcased at last year's Game Awards contained a few interesting details—narrated by Varric, dramatic appearance by Solas—but it didn't actually tell us very much about the game. The same could be said for the new concept art revealed yesterday by executive producer Christian Dailey: It's definitely Dragon Age (you can tell, because it says so in the bottom-right corner) but it's not what you'd call laden with new information.

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Who is this person? Where are they, and what are they shooting at? And why are there always floating rocks? It's possible that true Dragon Age aficionados will be able to pick out details that elude me, like perhaps the significance of the helmet or the structures in the background, but I suspect that BioWare is being very careful about what it lets slip at this point.

Interestingly, while Dailey shared the art, it came to my attention by way of his predecessor, Mark Darrah, who left BioWare along with Casey Hudson in December. Darrah may not be working on Dragon Age anymore, but he's clearly not turned his back on it. 

Darrah also appeared to hint at the intriguing possibility that he's still working on the game in some fashion: In response to a follower who misconstrued the initial tweet as actual upset, he wrote, "I'll ask Christian which one he thinks it is tomorrow at work." 

Alas, a BioWare rep confirmed that the report of Darrah's departure was not an exaggeration, and that the tweet was merely "a joke response"—the kind of thing that Darrah is well known for doing.

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