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BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah tweets 'Dragon Age' repeatedly, for no apparent reason

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Our rundown of everything we know about Dragon Age 4 includes a note that BioWare's Mark Darrah, executive producer on the Dragon Age series, is a regular presence on Twitter who's fond of "making cryptic statements to tease fans." And I guess that's what he's doing now, by tweeting "Dragon Age" repeatedly.

After the opening tweets, which echo the speech pattern of the dwarven rune savant Sandal Feddic, Darrah made it pretty clear that he's just screwing around in his free time.

Or is he?

It's all good fun, but while he's dismissive of the excited reports that he knows will follow his outburst (yes, like this one), he's also very skillfully leveraging the intense interest in the series' return. And that interest hasn't spontaneously formed out of thin air: A Dragon Age teaser was released at last year's Game Awards, and BioWare and Electronic Arts have been talking more-or-less openly about a new Dragon Age game for months.

He even managed to slip in a little slice of Mass Effect hype, with some strategic is-it-or-isn't-it capitalization. (I'm pretty sure it isn't, but it's a nice touch.) 

Earlier this month, BioWare cranked up the hype machine itself with a tweet about "Dr4gon Age Day," which will happen on December 4. Why, that's exactly one week from today! Coincidence? Maybe. We'll let you know if anything interesting happens. 

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