Dragon Age 4 concept art shows Grey Warden, cape

A Grey Warden in full armor with sword and cape
(Image credit: EA)

BioWare is still busy promoting this month's release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but that doesn't mean Dragon Age-likers don't also get a look-in, with another bit of concept art reminding everyone Dragon Age 4 is a real thing that's really being worked on. While previous concepts have shown us an arcane archer and an urban wizard, the latest depicts a Grey Warden in full armor—and cape.

This latest hint of what to expect from Dragon Age 4 came after creative director Matthew Goldman tweeted "I'm feeling really gray and pointy right now" at executive producer Christian Dailey, who replied with the Grey Warden image. While the Grey Wardens were central to Dragon Age: Origins they've slipped into the background since—in Inquisition you get the option to recruit the remnants of the darkspawn-hunting club—but perhaps this is a hint they'll return to prominence in the next game?

The Dragon Age games have shied away from flowy fantasy capes in the past, presumably because they still can't do long hair without it clipping through your armor, and a selection of fantasy cloaks would be even harder to get right. You can quote The Incredibles at me all you want, but I'm in favor of capes coming to Dragon Age, having already modded them into Skyrim so I can cosplay Aragorn.

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Jody Macgregor
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