Dragon Age 2 trailer shows fearsome combat styles

dragon age 2 hawke slash

A new Dragon Age 2 trailer has been released showcasing the three different roles we'll be able to take when playing as Hawke. There's your traditional 'sword and board' warrior style, an especially brutal take on the mage in which you can tear people apart with your magic abilities, and the knife-wielding rogue. Which style will you choose? Read on for the video, and some more information on Dragon Age 2.

IGN have been talking to Bioware producer Dan Lazin about combat in the game. Each character in the party will only be able to queue up one attack at a time during combat, because your party will be powerful enough to kill devastate enemies quickly. Lazin says “you get very large parties of enemies who go down fairly easily individually. So consequently queuing up orders, a whole lot at once, isn't particularly useful because that individual guy is going to be dead pretty soon and you're going to need to reassess in two seconds and pick a different target.”

If you can't wait to play the game, there's a demo on the way on Feb 22, which can be played to unlock a Dwarven blade in the full game. For more on the game, have a read of our Dragon Age 2 preview, or check out the official Dragon Age 2 site. The trailer's below. Which role will you take?

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