Dragon Age 2 demo confirmed, will unlock a bonus item in the full game

Dragon Age 2 soldier thumb

Yesterday we mentioned a GameStop employee email that suggested a demo for Dragon Age 2 would be on the way later this month. Bioware have now officially confirmed that a demo is coming. It'll be out on Feb 22, and will offer players a chance to unlock a Dwarven blade in Dragon Age 2.

The demo will contain the opening sections of Dragon Age 2, and will offer a choice of three classes to play with. The demo will take you as far as the huge city of Kirkwall, and you'll get to meet the sexy rogue ninja lady pirate, Isabela . Completing the demo will unlock a Dwarven blade called Hayder's Razor in the full game. It's an ancient weapon that buffs its wielder's health, mana and combat abilities.

For more information, check out the demo page on the Dragon Age 2 site. The game's due out on March 8 in the US and March 11 in Europe. The game's still available to pre-order .

Tom Senior

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