Dragon Age 2 in your games library? Download Mass Effect 2 for free

42 Mass Effect 2

Bioware are giving everyone who bought Dragon Age 2 a free copy of Mass Effect 2. Why? Because you're great, and they've sold a million copies in two weeks. There is no catch.

Read on for the details of how to download your free game.

Existing owners of Dragon Age 2 will qualify for the offer, along with anyone who buys the game before April 30. It doesn't even matter which platform you bought Bioware's superb RPG on - PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 players will all get a free PC download of Mass Effect 2.

Check out the FAQ to get things started.

We recently listed our favourite tweaks for Dragon Age 2. If you're still undecided about picking it up, read our Dragon Age 2 review .

Not bad eh? What's the best freebie you've downloaded recently?