Dozens of purported retail Ryzen CPUs star in unofficial photo shoot

These are the final days before AMD releases its Ryzen desktop processors (Summit Ridge) to retail. The pre-release hype is at a level that is perhaps the highest it's ever been for an AMD processor launch, but rather than add to it with more leaked benchmarks and product information, here is a look at trays full of what are supposedly final Ryzen silicon.

The folks at got their hands on a couple of photos showing dozens of Ryzen processors in what appear to be retail form. Unlike engineering samples, each IHS (integrated heat spreader) depicted here proudly displays "RYZEN" in big, bold letters across the front. 

Videocardz says if you look close, you can make out the codename of each processor (AMD Ryzen X XXX). That appears to be the case with us as well, though none of the pictures are clear (or big) enough to zoom in and discern the different model numbers. If prior leaks turn out to be true, AMD's Ryzen lineup will consist of 17 processors broken down into three tiers: Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7.

Previous leaks also suggest aggressive pricing from AMD at every performance level compared to Intel. If so, thing are about to get very interesting.

Paul Lilly

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