Double Fine adventure game donations pass $2 million, 22 days to go

Double Fine

Double Fine now have more than two million dollars with which to make their new adventure game . 59,683 backers have thrown some dosh in the bucket in exchange for a copy of the game when it comes out later this year, and many paid much more to get some of the more exclusive rewards, like lunch with Tim Schafer, an undoctored picture of Ron Gilbert smiling and one of the "last four remaining Triangle-Boxed Day of the Tentacles, in original shrink-wrap.”

Two million is a tremendous show of support for a muched loved team, and five times the amount that Double Fine were originally aiming for. It's not a bad budget for an adventure game either, though it's only one fiftieth of the budget that went into EA's Battlefield 3 marketing campaign, which probably says more about major publishers' marketing obsession than anything else. If you fancy adding to Double Fine's growing money pot, you still have 22 days in which to contribute over on the Kickstarter site .

If you're interested in how the habits of purchasers have changed since the Kickstarter page went live, Tom, who rarely misses a good graph opportunity, has taken a look at the figures . The adventure game is due out in October this year and backers will get early access to a Steam beta.

Tom Senior

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