Dota: Dragon's Blood gets a third season on August 11

Dota: Dragon's Blood Mirana character close up
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix's animated Dota series, Dota: Dragon's Blood, is coming back for a third season on August 11. The series doesn't quite have the accolades received by Castlevania or Arcane (the League of Legends show), but for Dota players, it delivers storytelling they aren't going to get from competitive MOBA matches.

There isn't much to go on in the announcement trailer for Dota: Dragon's Blood; it's essentially a slideshow of screenshots. In them, you can see the show's hero Davion standing before Slyrak, the massive dragon that's been fused with him. There's also a shot of Mirana that shows her taking on a tremendous power that she picked up at the conclusion of the previous season.

Given the ending of the last season, Dota: Dragon's Blood season three could be its last. In an interview with DreamHack last March, the show's writer and creator Ashley Miller said, "I would love for it to go four [seasons] ... but I think for what's in my head, three would be the sweet spot."

Our own Wes Fenlon said he liked parts of the initial season, but that it couldn't compete with Castlevania's compelling characters. "Dragon's Blood is conventional, and probably among the safest ways to adapt a game like Dota into a television series," he wrote.

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