Dota 2's replay tools detailed. Commentaries, recommendations and player cams incoming

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A post on the official Dota 2 blog has highlighted the superb replay tools that'll feature when the game gets released next year. The tools were hinted at during the Dota 2 tournament that took place at Gamescom.

According to the blog "replays are an important part of the Dota experience." This is especially significant seeing as Dota 2's current main competitor, League of Legends, doesn't support any form of spectator mode at present.

The in-game tools will highlight matches played by your friends and your favourite teams. It'll also allow you to search for high level players using your favourite heroes.

Players will be able to view matches from specific player's perspectives, including their cursor movements and HUD interactions.

More inventive is the Directed Camera Mode. That'll focus spectator's attention during games by automatically tracking the most exciting action taking place.

Valve are also making a big deal out of commentaries - tools will be built into the game client, which will even allow you to switch between multiple languages and commentators on the fly.

As highlighted in the blog post, loads of lucky players are already testing out the new features in the Dota 2 beta. You'll find a bunch of their streams on . Which MOBA are you most excited about? Dota 2, Blizzard's Dota, or one of the ones you're already playing?