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Doom's single-player campaign finally goes on display


Yesterday, what appeared to be an incomplete trailer showcasing Doom's single-player campaign turned up on Reddit. Alas, it's now gone, removed because of a copyright or TOS complaint. But that's okay, because today, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin of id Software took to Twitch to officially reveal the single-player portion of the game.     

Now available as a VOD, the video shows off a bunch of the new features, like upgradeable weapons and armor, and viciously brutal chainsaw killls. But I get a bigger kick out of the more straightforward, and very Doom-like, gameplay: Conserving ammo by plinking at enemies with the pistol, circle-strafing with the shotgun, or carving through a soft, squishy enemy with the chainsaw. The Cacodemon and Pinkie Demon look great, too.     

Your mileage may vary, of course, and what's important here is that we finally get a proper look at the single-player component, which based on the comments I've seen is awfully important to an awful lot of potential players. And not a moment too soon, too—Doom is set to come out on May 13, just a couple of weeks away.    

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