DOOM's day: Doom releasing in May


Our fate is decided: id Software's Doom reboot will release May 13 (an omen!).

Of course there's a collector's edition to accompany the standard game, which boasts a 12-inch replica of the Revenant demon modelled from the game's 3D meshes and complete with spinning turbine. I'd only recommend it if you get few elderly visitors or those with a frail disposition. That's £100/$120.

You can pre-order, if you're the gambling sort, and receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack: unique demon armour with three skins, some paint jobs and what look to be stat- or xp-boosters called Hack Modules.

If you've only just heard of videogames and are unsure what a 'Doom' is, we've got you pretty comprehensively covered on that front.