Doom's BFG and Marine armor added to Fallout 4's Creation Club store


Two new items have appeared in Fallout 4's Creation Club store, both related to another Bethesda release: Doom. For 400 credits each, you can buy Doom's BFG and Marine armor and bring a little Hell to the Commonwealth.

Having already spent $15 in the Creation Club, I wasn't super-keen to drop more dough, but I figured the BFG deserved a try. And, since the lowest number of credits you can purchase is 750 (for $8), I couldn't buy both anyway since they come to a total of 800 credits. I would have had to spend another $15 for 1500 credits just to spend the 800 on the Doom gear. You can probably guess my feelings about that pricing structure. (If you can't guess, my feelings are: booooooo.) 

Update: As was pointed out, I totally forgot to add an image of the armor. Here's how it looks on the store page:

Anyway, yeah, the BFG is pretty cool looking and fun to shoot. Above, I tested it on my settlers, and their feelings on the matter were probably 'boooooo' as well except they died horribly from green before they could express that sentiment. Below, here's a look at how the BFG should be fired, in classic first-person centered view:


It's worth noting there's a free mod on Nexus Mods that also adds a BFG. I installed it and tried it though I couldn't get the weapon to appear (the mod hasn't been updated since 2015, which may be why). Maybe you'll have more luck. You can see a video of it below.

Christopher Livingston
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