Doom Eternal's multiplayer trailer shows off the 2v1 Battlemode

Doom Eternal's Battlemode is a new 2v1 fight between a pair of player-controlled demons and a heavily-armed human Slayer. It was shown off during the Quakecon 2019 keynote and now you can give the multiplayer overview a watch, getting you ready for the November launch. 

If you've watched the keynote, you'll probably recognise the footage, introducing three of the five demons that will be available at launch, giving us a tour of the map and suggesting a few strategies. It looks like a busy, frenetic mode and quite a bit different from Doom's previous multiplayer. 

There's a lot of flying going on, too. The Revenant has a jetpack, the Pain Elemental floats and the Slayer can spend lots of time soaring across the map thanks to jump pads monkey bars. It looks like only the poor Mancubus will be left on the ground, but what it lacks in agility it makes up for with flamethrowers. 

The demons seem tough, but they're apparently at a disadvantage in duels with the Slayer. They can also be sneaky, though, dropping hazards in the Slayer's path. The Pain Elemental, with its lofty view of the battlefield, will probably make a handy trap-dropper. That's the demon for me, a coward.  

Extra demons and maps will be released after launch, too, all of which will be free. Doom Eternal and Battlemode are due out on November 22.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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